Flood Control and Emergency Response

We have been developing IT systems for flood management since 2003, and we support our customers throughout the lifecycle of an application, helping them plan, implement, and operate it. To that end, we are in close and continuous contact with the people in charge of the various fields involved. more...

Remote Sensing

We develop software for analysing satellite imagery using image processing and image analysis techniques. Our primary goal is for these applications to be highly usable in general and at educational institutions in particular. more...

Geographic Information

Processing spatial information and connecting it to other data is an cross-cutting issue at Leiner & Wolff: Almost all our products have a web GIS component or are used for processing and analyzing spatial information.

Free Software and Open Standards

Free and open source software as well as open standards are an important basis for the way we develop our software here at Leiner & Wolff. more...

Web Development

Nowadays, the World Wide Web is no longer just a source of information, but has also become an environment for complex applications that, just a few years back, would have been implemented as desktop solutions installed locally on a PC. Leiner & Wolff were using web technologies for large and highly dynamic applications on the Internet as well as in local network environments as early as 2003.